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Contra James Joyce mas não faz mal

por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 24.03.08

Elizabeth Jane Howard: You said to me once something about feelings being very difficult to communicate in words.

Evelyn Waugh: Well, the feelings should be the reader’s, the customer’s. You tell him or her the facts and if it’s a properly told story they’ll quickly pick up what the feelings are. In my youth there was a tremendous blind alley a whole lot of good writers went down in which they tried to give what they called stream of consciousness, in which they gave what everyone was thinking and feeling apart from what they were saying or doing. The novelist deals with speech and action, and time sequence. It isn’t the novelist’s business to feed the reader with emotions. If your novel’s any good the reader should get emotions from it, perhaps not ones you intend but they should be there.


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