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Voltando a Chesterton, é isto

por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 03.06.08

"(...) who are you that you should not believe in fairy tales? It is much easier to believe in Blue Beard than to believe in you. A blue beard is a misfortune; but there are green ties which are sins. It is far easier to believe in a million fairy tales than to believe in one man who does not like fairy tales. I would rather kiss Grimm instead of a Bible and swear to all his stories as if they were thirty-nine articles than say seriously and out of my heart that there can be such a man as you; that you are not some temptation of the devil or some delusion from the void. Look at these plain, homely, practical words. 'The Dragon's Grandmother.' That is all right; that is rational almost to the verge of rationalism. If there was a dragon, he had a grandmother. But you--you had no grandmother! If you had had one, she would have taught you to love fairy tales. You had no father, you had no mother; no natural causes can explain you. You cannot be."


The Dragon's Grandmother é um dos meus textos favoritos de Tremendous Trifles. O aniversário de G. K. Chesterton foi assinalado pelo Estimado Réprobo, que aproveito para saudar. Boa tarde!

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