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Pobre Evelyn Waugh

por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 28.07.08

"Mr. Whishaw, an able enough actor, falls into easy, caricatural indications of alcoholism and homosexuality, trembling and pouting and occasionally pulling himself into an attitude of doomed, fragile nobility. Ms. Atwell, by far the best thing about the film, manages to endow Julia, always the most enigmatic figure in the story, with a credible sense of internal conflict. Julia, like her mother, is headstrong and intelligent but, in large part because of her mother’s baleful influence, radically limited in her choices and chances." Da crítica do The New York Times ao filme Brideshead Revisited, que deve ser muito, muito mau. Mas os livros não têm culpa. E autores como Evelyn Waugh também não.

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