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Suposições reveladoras de fantasias

por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 28.10.08

"More than ten years ago, at a time when the findings and hypothesis of psycho-analysis were known to only a few people, the following events were reported to me from a trustworthy source. A girl, who was the daughter of a medical man, fell ill of hysteria with local symptoms. Her father denied that it was hysteria and arranged for various somatic treatments to be initiated, which brought little improvement. One day a woman friend of the patient's said to her: 'Have you ever thought of consulting Dr. F.?' To which the patient replied: 'What good would that be? I know he'd say to me: 'Have you ever had the idea of having sexual intercourse with your father?' - It seems unnecessary for me to say explicitly that it has never been my practice and is not my practice to-day to ask such questions. But it is worth remarking that much of what patients report of the words and actions of their physicians may be understood as revelations of their own pathogenic phantasies."


Sigmund Freud, "The Instances of Pathogenic Phantasies Revealed by the Patients Themselves", The Standard Edition of the Complete Works of Sigmund Freud, volume XI, pp. 236-7.

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