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por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 15.07.11

"There are mysterious agencies of the human mind which, like roving gases, travel the world, causing pain and mutilation, without their owners having full awareness, or even any awareness at all, of the strength and the whereabouts of those exhalations. Possibly a saint might be known by the utter absence of such gaseous tentacles, but the ordinary person is naturally endowed with them, just as he is endowed with the ghostly power of appearing in other people's dreams. So it is that we can be terrors to each other, and people in lonely rooms suffer humiliation and even damage bacause of others in whose consciousness perhaps they scarcely figure at all."


Em The Nice and the Good, de Iris Murdoch, p. 144, no dia em que faria 92 anos. Bonita festa!   

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