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Coisas que levam a outras

por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 02.08.11

Rechiflado en mi tristeza, te evoco y veo que has sido
en mi pobre vida paria sólo una buena mujer.


Os versos iniciais de Mano a Mano, verdadeiro tangaço de 1923.


There are none whom she openly hates, for if once she suffers, or believes herself to suffer, any contempt or insult, she never dismisses it from her mind, but takes all opportunities to tell how easily she can forgive. There are none whom she loves much better than others; for when any of her acquaintance decline in the opinion of the world, she always finds it inconvenient to visit them; her affection continues unaltered, but it is impossible to be intimate with the whole town.


Samuel Johnson, The Good Sort of Woman, publicado a 15-3-1760 

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