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por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 30.01.08
É um bom bocado isto: "We are born in turbulent love with the world, which is assumed to be made for us, of a piece with our wishes; then we suffer the humiliation of disillusionment, in which our rage is the last vestige of our hope. And then, if we are lucky - if we have the character, or the right parents, or both - we accommodate to the insufficiencies. We become the heroes and heroines of our enlightened adaptation to the way the world is. Psychoanalysis, in other words, confirms the traditional view that in fact we have been born into the wrong world, but for some reason - salvation, moral well-being, pleasure, genetic transmission - we must try to make the most of it." Adam Phillips, The Beast In The Nursery, na página 37.

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