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por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 25.03.04
Conversas deliciosas

Deximenes: Who are our great literary heroes? Crooks to a man. Achilles, the biggest egoist ever. Odysseus, a swindler and a liar. The whole cast of the stupid pointless Trojan war are one lot of ruthless thugs against another lot.

Acastos: Hector.

Deximenes: Proves my point, a nonentity. Who doesn't side with Achilles?

Acastos: I don't.

Callistos: My dear, Achilles is a Greek!

Deximenes: Agamemnon, a power-crazy general, Clytemnestra, a murderer, Antigone, a selfish opinionated trouble-maker. And some of the greatest crooks of all are the gods. No wonder no one believes in them any more.

Acastos: I belive in the gods.

Callistos: So does Socrates.

Iris Murdoch, Existentialists and Mystics, Writings on Philosophy and Literature, "Art and Eros", Chatto & Windus, London, 1997.

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