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por Carla Hilário Quevedo, em 26.07.07
Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV, Scene 3
by William Shakespeare

First Soldier: Brother, good night: tomorrow is the day.
Second Soldier: It will determine one way: fare you well.
Heard you of nothing strange about the streets?
First Soldier: Nothing. What news?
Second Soldier: Belike 'tis but a rumour. Good night to you.
First Soldier: Well, sir, good night.

Enter two other Soldiers

Second Soldier: Soldiers, have careful watch.
Third Soldier: And you. Good night, good night.

They place themselves in every corner of the stage

Fourth Soldier: Here we: and if tomorrow
Our navy thrive, I have an absolute hope
Our landmen will stand up.
Third Soldier: 'Tis a brave army,
And full of purpose.

Music of the hautboys as under the stage

Fourth Soldier: Peace! what noise?
First Soldier: List, list!
Second Soldier: Hark!
First Soldier: Music i' the air.
Third Soldier: Under the earth.
Fourth Soldier: It signs well, does it not?
Third Soldier: No.
First Soldier: Peace, I say!
What should this mean?
Second Soldier: 'Tis the god Hercules, whom Antony loved,
Now leaves him.

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